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    A CRM Blog for CRM Users Sharing Personal Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM One of the many fantastic features available to users (and most often used) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ability to create saved, personal views with an advanced find to see a filtered list of records. While your System Administrator does

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    Explore the CRM software features that can help you grow sales faster. With Sales Cloud, you can grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster — from anywhere. Close more deals with contact management, collaboration, marketing tools, and more. Account and Contact Management Opportunity Management Get more leads. Lead Management

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    OpenPro Business Management Software OpenPro is the most advanced open source ERP solution + CRM + Payroll HRMS Time Card + E-commerce Software for your company Grow your business with OpenPro ERP solutions that can be deployed in the cloud or on your server. Our software supports most industries with a complete Enterprise Resource

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    Looking for updates Looking to purchase additional licenses, etc. Looking for support Checking to see if a particular feature is available Continue to site Quotes take too much time / lots of manual work Quotes need to look more professional Errors in Quotes Need quoting integrated with contact manager or accounting Need to standardize

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    Perhaps not unexpected, Kaffeine was conceived in a coffee shop. Surprisingly, however, is that we’re born out of an unlikely alliance. A brand father and direct marketing mother. Two specialists in their own right, uniting two disciplines often pulling in different directions. Joining forces to bring brands and customers closer together. This collaboration changed

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Made for Your Industry We will help you increase sales, simplify your marketing, and take better care of your customers. Get the results you want with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing Bridge the gaps in your sales process and get your team more efficient and selling more. The built-in marketing

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    Website & Mobile App Development Business IT Services | Point of Sale | Computer Repair Technology, Software & Cloud Solution Provider Retail, Ecommerce NCR Counterpoint SQL POS Software POS Hardware Integration, Installation Inventory Control Software Customized Applications Training, Service & Support Software & App Design and Develop Custom Software Web Based Applications Mobile Applications

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    Integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce.com If you are considering integrating Salesforce.com with Quickbooks, here is some food for thought. We often get asked about doing this and here are some of the questions we will ask and that you should know the answers to. What version of Quickbooks are you using (Online

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