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Brewer Attorneys & Counselors, New York, Dallas, attorneys degree.

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Brewer Attorneys & Counselors, New York, Dallas, attorneys degree., NEF2.COM

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Our in-house litigation consultants are qualified to work with lawyers in complex litigation and dispute resolution matters. The firm’s Consulting Group is comprised of consultants recruited from a variety of disciplines, including finance, accounting, information technology, and economics.

The Consulting Group provides invaluable expertise, perspective, and insight into the analysis of each client’s circumstances. Because the firm’s consultants are part of the professional team involved in each client matter from the very beginning, they are able to efficiently influence and improve the strategic and substantive development of the case throughout the entire advocacy process.

The firm has an internal document management system in order to index, abstract, and analyze large volumes of information and case-related files. The firm utilizes a captive, offshore facility to populate the document management database.

To ensure quality control and timeliness of deliverables, the firm’s in-house document management experts conduct regular teleconferences with the offshore facility. The offshore staff is comprised of attorneys and other professionals who provide their time and services at lower billing rates.

Corporate clients pay less than half of what they would otherwise be charged for comparable services in the United States.

Brewer, Attorneys Counselors has been an innovator in developing new ways of pricing legal services to promote greater accountability, predictability, and efficiency. The firm will, on occasion, offer fee structures that are unique among law firms providing dispute resolution services to major corporations and commercial enterprises in the most significant cases.

Partner William Brewer earned widespread acclaim in the early 1990s for his promotion of innovative alternative fee arrangements (AFAs). The firm has long believed that law firms should be compensated based upon results, not just the number of hours worked. Value-based billing can be structured to define the goals of the engagement, allow the client to manage and predict costs, and incentivize the firm – making the firm and client partners in the litigation process.

In a speech at the 1992 American Bar Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. and later reprinted in Vital Speeches, “The Breakdown of the Monopoly of the Bar Card,” dated March 1, 1993, Brewer commented, “The demise of the hourly system was inevitable. Clients distrust the billing methods of lawyers who bill by the hour, and with good reason…. Corporate clients are doing what anyone should expect a business to do: They are responding by initiating changes that make bottom-line business sense, and getting out from under what has been a frustrating relationship with outside counsel…. Legal services are a means to an end. Clients ultimately want results and – not surprisingly – they do not want to pay excessive legal fees to obtain those results. Clients seek predictability, accountability, and productivity.”

While the firm handles many cases on a strict hourly fee arrangement, it will continue to explore and offer value-based billing options. These pricing arrangements are often an attractive option for clients involved in complex commercial litigation.

Brewer, Attorneys Counselors also formed its own in-house investigation unit. This unit has included professionals recruited from leading law enforcement organizations and private investigation firms.

The investigation unit utilizes a network of worldwide resources, computerized technology, and other capabilities to provide research and analysis that supports the firm’s legal strategies. Working in the firm’s Dallas and New York offices, these investigation professionals provide Brewer, Attorneys Counselors with a strategic advantage – the ability to prepare for bet-the-business cases by utilizing an advanced and more intensive level of research and case analysis.

The collaborative environment of attorneys and professional investigators working together directly supports the firm’s commitment to advocacy in behalf of its clients.

Brewer, Attorneys Counselors is unique among its competitors in that it has an in-house Public Relations Unit. The firm’s clients are often judged in the court of public opinion. Indeed, even in formal litigation, winning in the courtroom may not be enough in today’s business and regulatory environment.

The firm’s communications and public relations professionals assist clients in navigating internal and external communications challenges. By doing so, the firm helps its clients manage crisis events and capitalize on positive, image-building media opportunities. The firm also often assists in directing the management and coordination of activities taking place in the legislative arena.

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