Apr 13 2019

Best Accredited Online Physical Education Degrees of 2017

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Best Accredited Online Physical Education Degrees of 2017, NEF6.COM

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Online Physical Education Degree Programs Resource

Physical education plays a core role in the curriculum in American schools, and with a nationwide effort to fight obesity and to promote a healthier way of living for today’s generations, PE has also become one of students’ most important classes. Because of the ever-growing importance of physical education to current and future generations, the need for qualified, educated physical education teachers has risen.

Earning a Degree in Physical Education

A physical education degree can be the first step in a rewarding, lifelong career for those with a passion for teaching and helping shape students’ lifestyles. Choosing the right physical education degree program for you depends upon your career goals and whether you want to study on-campus or online. The time you invest in researching your option will ensure you choose the best school for you.

Physical Education Degree Requirements

Like other teachers, physical education teachers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and become certified before they can begin working. Students have two options for earning a PE degree: at a traditional university or through an accredited online school.

Every college and university, whether on-campus or online, is different when it comes to the physical education degrees offered. Some PE degrees offer a wellness degree, which means students will also focus on health topics, giving them the opportunity to teach health classes as well.

Physical Education Degree Requirements and Coursework

Physical education degree programs are typically designed for those who wish to teach physical education, coaching, and related subjects in grades K-12. Certain degree programs may also prepare students to teach physical education at the adult level. Graduates may become teaching certified for entry-level careers or pursue graduate study in physical education or other education subject areas.

The curriculum for a physical education degree program involves learning about the human body, health, fitness, and education theory to prepare to teach students with diverse needs and abilities.

Some examples of typical courses in a physical education degree program include:

  • Introduction to Physical Education
  • Teaching Health Physical Education
  • Organization Administration of Physical Education Programs
  • Assessment in Physical Education
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Physical Education
  • Structural Mechanical Kinesiology
  • Physiology of Exercise
  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Concepts of Coaching and Officiating

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends that students take health-related courses and also obtain any health certifications available to them to increase their marketability and ability to teach in the gym and in the classroom.

Online Physical Education Degree

In addition to traditional on-campus physical education programs, many universities offer a physical education degree online. Oftentimes, students – whether embarking on their careers for the first time or making a change mid-career – opt for online education because of its convenience and flexibility. More and more traditional universities are also offering online PE degree programs, but you’ll also find a plethora of online-only schools that offer physical education degrees. Being diligent and conducting research, if you opt for an online school not affiliated with a traditional university, will ensure you choose the best program for your career goals.

Physical Education Degree Accreditation

Make sure any PE degree program you consider is accredited by an organization recognized by the US Department of Education. Proper accreditation is especially important if, in the future, you decide to transfer to a traditional university for any reason.

Researching Physical Education Degree Programs

Invest the time to talk with former and current students to get their unbiased opinions of their experiences in the programs you are considering; talk to current instructors; and go to an open house, if available. Even online universities hold open houses, which gives prospective students the opportunity to talk with instructors and get a better idea of how the program works.

Physical Education Degree Programs

West Virginia University
West Virginia University offers a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Teacher Education through its College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. This degree program provides students with a comprehensive skill set in physical education and leads to state-level teaching certification at the elementary and/or secondary levels in both physical education and health education. Graduates may also find career opportunities in student health and athletic coaching. The professionally oriented coursework includes learning across developmental levels and differing student populations for a well-rounded understanding of physical education. Courses are sequenced to provide an integrated learning experience. Students may also be interested in adding one of the school’s physical education minors to their degree plan, such as adventure sports leadership, athletic coaching, group fitness, and personal training. The Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Teacher Education at West Virginia University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Indiana Wesleyan University
Indiana Wesleyan University offers a Bachelor of Science in Physical and Health Education that can lead to a teaching license in P-12 physical education and middle to high school health. The program emphasizes the health of school-age children and methods of countering negative conditions including obesity and sedentary lifestyles through the teaching of movement skills and health concepts. An optional minor in coaching can be added to the degree program. The teaching certification track includes a practicum in elementary physical education, in which students complete a field experience in a school classroom. The majority of program courses are led by faculty who hold doctoral degrees in education and the health sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Physical and Health Education meets the standards set by the Indiana Department of Education, American Association for Health Education, and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

University of Texas at San Antonio
The University of Texas at San Antonio awards the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – Physical Education Concentration to students who complete its 120 credit hour program. Graduates obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain certification in teaching physical education from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. Courses in individual activities, team sports, motor development, and exercise physiology provide students with a firm foundation in kinesiology for physical education instruction. In the final semester of study, students complete a student teaching field experience of full-day teaching in the certificate area sought, supplemented by seminars in teaching practice and related issues. Qualified students may enter the Department Honors program for opportunities for advanced study. A 15 credit hour certificate in Athletic Coaching can be added to the standard curriculum for students interested in coaching careers. The department also offers 18 credit hour minors in community health and wellness.

Teaching and Education Programs

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